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Army asks soldiers, officers to delete Facebook and Instagram accounts, uninstall 89 apps

Source-- TOI


NEW DELHI: The 13-lakh strong Army has directed all its officers and soldiers to delete their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as 89 apps from their mobile phones by July 15.
Citing security considerations and leakage of sensitive data, the Army said those who do not follow the order will face strict action. The outlawed apps include the 59 ones with Chinese links, including TikTok, which were banned by the Union government recently.
“The directive has been issued because there has been an exponential increase in the number of military personnel being targeted online by intelligence agencies of Pakistan and China,” said an officer.
The Army in November last year had also directed its personnel to avoid the use of Whatsapp for official work, while asking officers holding “sensitive appointments” to delete their Facebook accounts.

There have been many cases over the last two-three years where Pakistani agents posing as women have “virtually” honey-trapped Indian military personnel into divulging classified information, with even a Group Captain posted at the IAF headquarters in New Delhi falling prey to it in 2018.

The fresh Army directive, taken to ensure the security of classified information in the larger national interest, come s after the Navy also banned the use of Facebook for all its personnel, while also directing them not to carry smart mobile phones into bases and dockyards as well as on board warships, in December last year.



Enemy at the gates, so don’t cry wolf

Source -- Sunday Guardian

Rinderpest is also more commonly known as the “foot and mouth” disease and in the past, it has swept through the subcontinent with catastrophic results. In the last ten-odd days since the tragic loss of 20 Indian soldiers in the icy region of the Galwan Valley to Chinese machinations, one can only watch in mind-numbing amazement as many of our countrymen, some of whom have once donned the uniform and served, have suddenly taken leave of their senses.Add to this the mushrooming crop of self-styled defence experts and analysts. Just as the Pakistanis at Longewala in 1971 were intercepted, radioing for help as IAF Hawker Hunters decimated their tanks, “ek jata hai toh ek aata hai aur bees-bees minute ooper nachta hai” (as one goes, the other comes and dances around above us for 20 to 40 minutes) we watch equally helplessly as we evolve into a country of professional blabber mouths. From a channel even describing the intake of a certain type of fighter aircraft th…

INDIA CHINA CLASH UPDATE, Indian army to get ammunition from US for M777 Howitzers with EMERGENCY FUND worth 500 CR

Source -- India Today

Govt granted armed forces emergency financial powers for weapons for India-China conflict, the Army has now ordered ammunition for M777 Howitzer guns from the US. To use in high hills for heavy damage.

“There is a plan to place orders for more rounds of the Excalibur ammunition from the US under the Vice-Chief financial powers,” defence sources told Aajtak and India Today TV.

The plan is to upgrade the strength of Army battalions deployed with the M-777 guns in the forward areas in the Eastern Ladakh sector, they said.India had first placed an order for the Excalibur ammunition in May-June last year after the Balakot operations.The Excalibur ammunition has more range and better accuracy that makes it lethal can hit targets at 40-50 km depending on the artillery gun used.Ready for an all-out conflict with China in view of the ongoing dispute at the border, the Narendra modi governement had granted bing finacial power this week to the defence forces under which they c…

INDIA-CHINA CLASH UPDATES (LAC) : Diplomatic talks on, but government skeptical about china intentions

India and china on table of negotiations for resolving the LAC issue between both the countries at Galwan and Pangong Tso area which is recently converted into a conflict resulting in death of 20 Indian soldiers and approx 45 to 50 Chinese soldiers(china not accepted it officially). But American agency and foreign minister of India acknowledged it on the basis of sources.

Even after multiple rounds of talk Indian Army and Govt is skeptical about the Chinese intentions because historically they are the liar and no one in the world can rely on there wordings. Also in current scenario they have proved it few days back they got agreed to remove the army and reduce their strength from PP14 at Galwan Valley near LAC but that was not followed on ground when our soldiers went to talk about this deescalation they attacked us back and this resulted in killing of their 45 soldiers and 20 of our soldier got martyred in this.  Again we had started talks again they promised to Deescalate the things…